Friday, February 14, 2014

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It's the end of New York Fashion Week, the city is beautiful in its icicles, and many people will be thinking happily or unhappily about love today.

In Venezuela this week, three people were killed while protesting the violent and destructive oil-fed regime of Nicolàs Maduro. My understanding (from Gabi, my incredible Venezuelan neighbor-sister) is that they were very young. Gabi told me the story of a young man she knows who was recently arrested and tortured for protesting. He was forced to sign a letter inculpating the opposition party for the violence on the streets. When he was released to a hospital for his injuries, his family was too afraid to pick him up. They didn't want to be associated and recognized. They were looking to pay someone to go get him. He'll survive, that's what we know.

double exposure photograph by Dan Mountford from The Modernist, published by Gestalten

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