Friday, November 8, 2013

Wave Hill

Just a few tiny windows into what this season has brought (like that cast away table I rescued for our living room). And a hint for those of you in New York: go to Wave Hill! Now! If you don't know, it's a house, gardens, and gallery overlooking the Hudson just north of Manhattan, twenty minutes from Grand Central on the Metro North. It's incredible and bursting with things, live and unalive, you've never seen or don't often see in the city. I went with my Mama (that's her in a photo taken on the High Line) when she was visiting earlier this fall.

The gallery had up, and still has until December 1, an exhibit on armor and ichthyology - perfection in a combination theme! A variety of artists, most unknown to me, all exciting. And all types of media: fishbone corsetry, suits of armor, a fish lamp by Frank Gehry, and some quite beautiful line drawings of slender and hairy woman warriors.

Beyond the gallery, which is small, are the gardens, which are expansive and sloping toward the river. Our day was sunny and warm and popular, but there were quiet places .. near the succulents and the greenhouse, and the fig trees in a patch that reminded me of Tuscany though I've never been there. Also the water garden, with its masses of lily pad and lotus, was quiet. And actually, even on the lawn, where a crowd gathered on benches and chairs looking at the water, it seemed like no one was in anyone's way. It felt very synchronized.

Wave Hill is not a seasonal attraction. Even the gardens are open year-round, so you can see them frosted over and cast in that special light that only comes from the shortest days. I'm planning a February visit with my hat and camera.


Hours for November 1–March 14 :
Grounds open 9AM–4:30PM
Gallery open 10AM-4PM

Free admission Saturday mornings!

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  1. belles photos! surtout de la famille (nola inclus, bien sur)