Tuesday, July 23, 2013

the moon


A cheating post today: some stolen photographs and derivative aspirations. Here I am now, on my balcony with far too much wine and perhaps far too much of a full moon (is it full? I don't even know..). And all I'm feeling now, or so much of what I'm feeling, is that there's so much to absorb here. By here, I mean of course New Orleans, New York, all of the places where I've been carried away, but more distantly I mean this entire co-existence we all experience .. like I said, far too much wine. But truly, there are so many incredible but true stories happening all at once in our lifetimes, and how lucky we are (storytellers, listeners, witnesses) to be touched by even one of them.

I'm thinking now of Didion (how perfect are those photographs with her car?), and a moonlight desert canyon drive, Thelma and Louise-like in that convertible, or one very much like it. One day I'd love to be sun-wrinkled and story-full like that.

These are my moon-thoughts.

My wonderfully wild and alive friend Liisi always says that the moon does things to her. I've seen the sorts of things it does .. she was my co-bad-girl in Paris when we both lived there (really lived I guess the way we do when we adopt new selves in new places), and I have in my memory in a special rendering-unforgettable spot those moments of utter release and abandon, some unmentionable. And here is the moon now, looking at me the way a stranger does in a room and you just know you are being watched.

I've planned a trip to the North to see this girl next month, and oh what joy. So, love to you, Lady Lii, as Cecilie calls you and as I have now adopted for eternity. You are both mine.

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